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Day #15

One of the amazing points in today’s sermon:
1st Jesus 2nd Others 3rd You

Day #14

We want big results and for them to happen immediately. Sometimes, just taking the leap of faith is the victory.

He loves us the same

I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger great than the one who sent him.” John 13:16

There is a wonderful woman that attends my church. I consider her a Saint. She is loved by everyone she meets and is highly regarded. She has endured much in her life, a rough childhood and overcoming cancer. The first time I ever heard her speak was at a Women’s tea at a different church. I wanted to email her and tell her how I enjoyed her words. I never did, but thought of her often. The second Sunday at our new church, up walks a women on the stage to give the announcements. I realize, “It is her, I have to talk to her.” Immediately after service, I ran over to her. I asked her if she was the speaker at a tea a few years ago. She said she was. I told her how much I enjoyed it and was so happy to finally meet her. Over the next few years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know her and she has given me so much advice and a listening ear....   Continue Reading

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