November Thankful

November 11

I am thankful for our armed forces who protect our country. They sacrifice so much in their lives, so we are safe. My hope is for our soldiers to be taken care of by our nation. Whether through their lives being lost or when they come home and have to assimilate back into society, may they never be forgotten.

November Thankful

November 9

I am thankful for good customer service. It is sad nowadays because it seems rare for customer service agents to be courtesy, helpful, and professional. However, I experienced it today when my wireless carrier actually followed through on a refund credit. That refund arriving on time saved me time, money and energy.

November Thankful

November 7

I am thankful for the radio show, The Kevin and Bean Show on the World Famous KROQ.

Today was Bean’s last show. He is moving to England because he decided to take care of his mental and physical health.

Kevin and Bean have been on air almost 30 years. I have listened to them on the way to school and now, work for almost their entire run.

It is sad for the fans and I’m sure his co-workers, too. But I am very thankful for the fun memories and I wish him well.

November Thankful

November 6

I am thankful for embracing a Minimalist Lifestyle. I find that eliminating clutter, distractions, and not having a packed schedule brings my family and I more peace.

Today, I went to the car wash and found this fortune on the sill of the viewing window.

I live in Southern California where nothing seems minimal. I am definitely an outsider when it comes to living the materialistic lifestyle that encompasses this area.

But on occasion, I get little reminders like these that tell me I made the right choice.

Making Waves

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

Certain situations rile me up with anxiety. A visit to the dentist guarantees an anxiety attack. It would upset me that I couldn’t go to the dentist without an issue. The shame was real. I would ask myself, “why couldn’t I get past this?”

A typical visit would entail sweating through my clothes, crying, or blacking out. I remember the dentist shaking me as she yelled my name and telling me to breathe. I gasped for air and came back. It was embarrassing and scary.

I experienced trauma as a child and adult from trips to the dentist. One hygienist yelled at me when I was seven years old. She said, “I will sit on you if you don’t stop moving around.” She was a large woman, too. As an adult, one dentist told me to never come back to his practice because he couldn’t handle me. Those situations, combined with the money I spent and the pain I endured, made dental visits unbearable.

As I sought therapy for anxiety, I worked on settling my nervous system and giving myself a lot of grace when I knew I had to face a difficult situation. I have to go to the dentist every four months to get my teeth cleaned and checked. My dentist is near the beach and a beautiful Outlet Mall. I decided after a dental visit, to go to the beach and do some grounding work by stepping into the sand and water and watch the waves go back and forth for about 15 minutes. Then I would get lunch at the Outlet Mall and walk around and window shop. After a few times of doing this practice, I soon looked forward to a trip to the dentist.

Here are some pictures of going to the beach after my last dental visit.

I never took a gentle, loving approach in dealing with difficult situations. I took the advice of “suck it up, stop complaining and deal with it.” That approach hurt me instead of helping me.

My healing from anxiety has not been quick. It has been a long journey. As much as I wish God took the anxiety away, I needed to go through a process. There are three therapists who I have come to know that have helped me get through anxiety. I have also learned to eliminate a perfectionist attitude.

My road to recovery has looked like this. Seeking God first, establish boundaries, treat myself gently, learned ways to ground to keep my nervous system out of fight or flight, and know I am worthy and deserve peace.

If I can stop being anxious, you can too! Healing and restoration take determination and consistency, and it is worth it.

Lesson Learned: I am deserving of a life that has joy and peace. Victory over anxiety is worth the work.

“Heavenly Father, I allow you to heal me in the areas of my life that need healing. Forgive me for holding onto things I cannot control. Reset and restore my nervous system. Remind me who I am in Christ. Whenever I face scary situations, show me that you are right there beside me. Thank you for the victory over anxiety! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

November Thankful

November 5

I am thankful for my two dogs, Spike and Hazel Mae. Today is the one year anniversary of the death of our dog, Spike. He lived 15 years. He was my crash course on motherhood. I learned how to love and take care of something so deeply. I was fortunate to know he had a few months to live and I feel I could start grieving for him. I knew when it was time and I had peace that I made the right decision. I did not want another dog for a long time despite my daughter wanting a dog of her own. A few months later, everything changed, we adopted a rescue dog named, Hazel.

Hazel is considered my daughter’s dog. However, Hazel is truly the family dog. She loves us all and gives us lots of cuddles and snuggles. She is protective of our pack and she barks to tell strangers to stay away. I did not think I would want to open my heart up again after Spike, but sweet Hazel Mae made it happen.