Judgmental, much?

Therefore you have no excuse, O man, everyone of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.” Romans 2:1

I was walking around Target and found myself in the food section. I was starving. I saw Oreo cookies were 40% off just for that day. I don’t usually buy Oreos because I become Cookie Monster from Sesame Street and have my way with them. My child saw the sale price and started dumping them into the basket. This one lady came over and was staring at them too. She giggled at how excited my child was with the choices of Oreos. She said she was excited too. She then asked if I had the store’s app. I realized I had to download the item onto the app in order to get the 40% off. I thanked her for acknowledging the app because I didn’t noticed their enormous sign staring me in my face. (The sign was large, too. It is like when your sunglasses are on top of your head and you are searching for them.) I tried to put the item on the app and I was a little frustrated because the phone was doing that spin from the point of no return. The woman noticed me frazzled and asked what was wrong. I told her that my phone does not work well in their store for some reason and I didn’t have it already pulled up on the app. She looked me up and down and said, “Well MY phone doesn’t have that problem and that is why I am always prepared. There is the lazy way of doing it and then there is the right way to do it.” Her words, her tone, her look, soaked in arrogance and judgment. She continued to give me her two cents, about what I should do to solve my problem. I think she thought she was helping me. However, her passive aggressive tone she was giving me, gave me the desire to crush every bag of Oreos, so she couldn’t save her 40%. But instead, I thanked her and walked away. I did get my phone working and saved my 40% and then gained a couple of pounds from inhaling the cookies.

This example, of course, is a first world problem. But it was her tone and words that were troubling to me. This reminds me of the attitude people have with current event issues. When most of us see people dealing with real problems like: their unruly children, financial issues, surprise pregnancies, community and police relations or living with abuse, we come up with this blanket judgment. They say what people should do and if they don’t they are stupid or irresponsible. I don’t think that is a “What Would Jesus Do” moment. I am completely guilty of that. We visit the issue at hand and claim there is only one right way to provide solution to the problem. The problem is we do not know what people’s pasts are and why they are in that particular situation. Jesus wants people to be treated with love, spoken to in love and for us to be a light for the dark world to find. If we want to help, we should pray for them and for God to show them the right way . We do not need to carry the burden of trying to be the world’s judge. God is the one to rightfully handle that. Let us stop trying be God and instead allow God to use us in what ever way He wants us to be to bring His greater glory in this hurting world.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you that I do not need to be the world’s judge. Help me to mind my own life and to live your way. Help to me to be a light for this world, use me in the way you want me to be used. Equip me with your perfect words to guide anyone that needs help. Remind me, that everyone grows up different and that you are the one to restore us. Give us knowledge and discernment when we are listening to people and their opinions. Help us not to get into arguments but to have solutions to make this world better. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN!”

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