In His Timing

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Psalm 27:14

The process of buying and selling a home is one of the most stressful things in life. We embarked on this adventure right after having our baby. I wouldn’t do it that way, but it was a buyer’s market and 550 square feet amongst 3 people, was a bit challenging. We bought our new place first (another mistake) and had 30 days to find a buyer or risk paying mortgages on two places. Let the stress begin!

The whole time I was praying for the right person to come along. Our realtor, who was a Christian, prayed when we began the process. We received an offer 1 week after the condo was on the market. I had a bad feeling though. The situation of the buyer seemed like this place would not ideally fit his work situation. And my feeling proved correct. One week after, we accepted the offer, he pulled out as a buyer. This was not a good situation to be in. In 17 days, we were set to move into our new place. I felt myself beginning to panic. I looked at our savings and thought, we may be able to handled two places for a coupe months, but that was it. I was already stressed and tired from having a 4 month old, now this?

The next day, we received a call from a realtor verifying if our place was back on the market. She had a client, named Rodney, who was interested and wanted to see it again. I thought, “again?” Then I remember that man. He came by and said how much, he loved our place, but he wasn’t sure if he could qualify for a loan. She told me that he was very eager, because he called her 4 o’clock in the morning, telling her our place was available again and he had the money to buy it outright. While, we had the other offer, he asked his family for help financially, so he could purchase his first place. When they finally agreed to help him, our place went back on the market. He asked for a short escrow and we were glad to oblige! We moved out on a Saturday and he moved in two days later. He also needed a couch and an armoire and we didn’t feel like moving the ones we had down 3 flights of stairs, so we both won on that too!

My husband and I were talking about how things worked out for the best. I said, I could have done without the stress of it all. My husband said something so profound and liberating,

We may have been stressed and wondered why our prayers weren’t being answered immediately. But God was working on answering Rodney’s prayers first. You know how much he will love that place. Wouldn’t you rather have it go to someone who will appreciate than to someone who didn’t care if it became their home?”

(He was absolutely correct, but don’t tell him I said he was right.)

It isn’t always about what I want, but maybe who has the bigger need. God cares about every situation we are in. Waiting is really difficult. That expression, “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is so true in many of our situations. We look at all the little hiccups along the way, instead of what the bigger picture is. Keep waiting on the Lord for what He wants to do. It is always for the greater good.


Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for my lack of patience. Help me to endure and stay strong for every season I encounter. I thank you that you care and that you love me and want the best for me in my life. In times of uncertainty, please give me peace and to remain calm. Let your will be done and forgive me for trying to make it happen. Alert me when to move on something and when to stay still.

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”

One thought on “In His Timing

  1. Amen! Learning to wait on God for answers to our life’s needs, challenges, and hopes can be of our greatest challenges, but if we will lead to submit to the knowledge that we have from the revealed truth about who our Heavenly Father is then we position ourselves to not only becoming free of worry and that nagging thought process of fear and fretting, but actually find real peace, joy, power in day-to-day living that actually witnesses to the the world around us that there is a God who loves not only us but also those connected to us. Your testimony was a beautiful illustration of the provision and love of God in our lives. our Heavenly Father does care and He does care about our growing up in Him ; hence the reason we find ourselves in certain trials that may challenge is to the core of our abilities. But glory to God that He does not abandon us; He saves us not a boy from others but also from ourselves and leads us on the paths of righteousness for His name ‘s same! Such comforting words are for s in Psalms 23! I have fiend great comfort in that Psalm many, many times over the years… Sorry for the long response, but I am in need of processing this out and it has been good for me to do so Thanks for sharing your life lessons and giving us s platform for discussion and reflection! Blessings!❣


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