November Thankful

November 15

I am thankful for thoughtful people. I went to a doctor’s office and the front office person asked me a question about the outcome of something that I had to do last month. I thought to myself, “wow, she actually listened to me?”

We all live fast-paced lives which causes us to become forgetful. However, with a little effort, we can show others we care or have interest in them.

We all want to be noticed, whether we are introverts (🙋🏻‍♀️) or not. Not in a “hey look at me” kind of way, just “I see you over there and you’re interesting”.

November Thankful

November 14

I am thankful for restaurants and food manufacturers that make foods that accommodate people with allergies.

I discovered that I have a gluten and egg allergy and dairy intolerance. Believe me, I wish I could eat bread, pizza crust, eggs, or soft pretzels, etc. I get the occassional eye roll from insensitive people or other people who say, “one bite couldn’t hurt”. Well it does hurt and it isn’t worth it.

I appreciate companies who listen to consumers.

November Thankful

November 11

I am thankful for our armed forces who protect our country. They sacrifice so much in their lives, so we are safe. My hope is for our soldiers to be taken care of by our nation. Whether through their lives being lost or when they come home and have to assimilate back into society, may they never be forgotten.

November Thankful

November 9

I am thankful for good customer service. It is sad nowadays because it seems rare for customer service agents to be courtesy, helpful, and professional. However, I experienced it today when my wireless carrier actually followed through on a refund credit. That refund arriving on time saved me time, money and energy.